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There is no deadline for becoming your "best self"

Are you flawless or just full of flaws?

Every day we encounter people who are dependent on others for validation. If someone tells them they're looking pretty they feel pretty but if no one does they start having self-doubts. I'm sure most of us have been through that phase of self-doubt and low self-esteem and many of us are still there. Let me tell you today, how you can overcome this.

We meet several people in our everyday life. Most of them, we don't even like and gossip about their flaws. The other people are probably thinking the same about you.

So, what is the difference between both of you?

Are you any better than them?

If you do this then this is a "sign" that you are not your best self and the bad compliments you pass to others are just you showing your self-doubts.

Would you want anyone to define you and consider your nature or abilities as flaws?

I bet the answer is no. Because when someone tells us about our imperfections, we get mad instead of working on them. This is because human nature is that it can not be defined by others and rarely listens to others. You can not change for anyone because you are the only one who knows these two things:

  1. How amazing you are

  2. How much potential do you have

Also, you are the only one who knows their weaknesses and the areas you need to work on. The idea of being a perfect human being ourselves is the only thing stopping us from being the best version of ourselves.

Here are the two most simple rules for growing every day;

"Never lie to yourself;"

When you stop lying to yourself and start accepting your flaws, you work on them. You will not worry about how others are dressing or how much better or worse they are getting at their jobs. You focus on being the best you can in every part of your life, either looks, success, job, friends, or your weakness. You understand that every human being is unique and if something is comfortable for you might not be comfortable for others. You understand what problems people might be having with you and you work on them, you strive to be a better human being and a better person not just for others, but for yourself.

"Question yourself every day;"

When you go to sleep, make a routine to ask yourself; 'What have I done to improve myself today?" The feeling that you get when you do something to make yourself better than yesterday, there is no better feeling than that. You will be at peace with yourself and you will never let anyone's opinion bother you anymore. You will be the only one to define you and even judge you. So, challenge yourself every day.

Motivational words:

You can be the best example for yourself. So be it. What's stopping you other than your fiction of being perfect? So, don’t let other people’s noise be the music of your life. Don’t let other people’s opinions be the key to your decisions. You are meant to be different. You are meant to be unique. So always believe in yourself and make your tomorrow better than yesterday.

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Dilshan S. De Mel
Dilshan S. De Mel

Amazing article! Thank you Laiba

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