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I Struggled with insecurity when I started as a Nutritionist because my approach was too simple

Why Was I insecure???

Because time and again someone or the other would tell me :

🚫 You look too young to be taken seriously

🚫 You will never succeed if you give only home-made food to your clients

🚫 The only way to achieve weight loss for clients is to put them on a “Detox” every alternate day or every time they have something outside of the diet plan. (I left a job as a Nutritionist in only 6 months because of this mindset clash!)

🚫 You should feel lucky if you land up a job that gives you 20k INR a month because

• Nutritionists are just a decoration in an organization (yeah, I have heard it too, More times than you can think)

• Your work doesn’t hold importance because What you say is available on google too.

But fast forward 9 years, now:

✅ My Eldest Client is 75 years old, among many others ranging from the age group of 10 to 75 (& they LISTEN when I talk!)

✅ I have seen people breakdown in tears of happiness in front of me when they achieve their goals WHILE eating food, they grew up eating.

✅ People put their trust in me and tell me the hardships they had finding the right information in the sea of information on the internet.

✅ I got recognition as an International expert on Nutrition because what I had to say MADE SENSE beyond Google Searches.

My learning from this experience:

🌟 Science is right… you don’t have to go far away from your upbringing to get healthy, Just connect the dots.

🌟 Do not fall prey to what is being told to you, believe what you experience deep in your bones.

Let me know in the comments if this motivates you in some way.

P.S. If you are struggling with your health goals and looking for ACTUAL guidance to help your health better, Feel free to reach out to me. Let's get you fit!

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